Welcome to Equevoke

Why we work with horses

Horses live in here and now. They offer unconditional, positive regard; there is no judgment, just pure authenticity, love and support. They are big, strong and beautiful, and capture our attention. When in the presence of horses, we can develop our own self-awareness, choices and responses.

Horses are similar to humans, in that they are herd animals. They live in relationships and are fight and flight animals. By observing them in their natural environment, they can be seen communicating non-verbally, and demonstrating their energy and body language. They are hyper vigilant, sensitive and react to people's behaviours, anxieties, feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Each horse has a distinct personality, just like us, and they like to play and express themselves. Through interacting with horses, we can learn much about ourselves, and discover our thoughts and emotions as information, giving us choices to move forward.


  • Aged care home visits
  • Riding lessons
  • Ground work lessons for beginners
  • Ladies Wellness- personal development days
  • Men and emotions -personal development workshops
  • Suicide bereavement support 


  • One-on-One Equine Experiential Learning and Development
  • Counselling
  • Counselling on horse back
  • Over coming fears with horses
  • Helping ladies get back into riding after long breaks
  • Looking at self through the connection with horses

Ladies and Mens Wellness Days - dates to be confirmed


We offer a professional, safe and supportive environment. With the assistance of our horses, we provide a bespoke experience by where the client can express what needs attention and exploration, in a way that is right for them. It can be content free if they wish, or minimal content; whatever they need, as there is no right or wrong.

It is a journey of the unknown, together with the horse unfolding new experiences. Direct contact with horses isn't necessary, as the session could be at a distance, over the fence or up close and hands on.


For those wishing to look at Counselling on Horseback, this can be similar to our Learning and Development, but you are supported by the horse. This too can evoke emotions, where the horse also plays an important role in the healing process.


For those that prefer a more traditional counselling session, we also offer the choice of being outdoors with nature, or in a private room; the choice is always yours.


If overcoming fears, re-entering the horse world, or maybe fulfilling your lifelong dream of learning to ride and developing skills, we would love to help you.

With our holistic approach, we look at what may be behind your fears (often it s not what we think), and see what the horse is offering or expressing to you, or what may be working for you. We then, with the horse, begin to unpack your concerns.

And nothing is more exciting than tackling those dreams that have been out of reach in the past. It is so rewarding getting on the horse after long breaks and doing something just for you - after all, you are worth it.

If you would like to learn or further your lunging or in-hand skills, we'd love to share it with you. It is something that we are very passionate about in horse education, and can develop a sound mind and body for horse and handler, leading to higher movements, skills, strengths and relationship building with the horse.

About Jill

I am passionate about helping people, especially with the input of horses; they can have a profound effect on peoples lives. I have had horses for over 33 years and now wish to share and offer my knowledge to support change for those seeking an alternative to conventional interventions.

Over the years, I have been involved in pony club, adult riding, showing, dressage and trail riding, but a few years ago when going through my own traumatic experiences, I felt more and more drawn to the horses. Having been around them, I found a huge difference in my coping skills and this encouraged me to explore and study different modalities in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy/Learning (EAP- EAL).

I am a qualified Leisure and Lifestyle assistant, EAP practitioner, Diploma in Counselling and Diploma in Community Care.

I have a special interest in working with those on the Autism Spectrum, Borderline Personality Disorder, Returned Veterans, those going through serious illness, depression, anxiety, men, GLBTI, suicide bereavement and PTSD; however, the horses can help anyone and we do not discriminate.