"Recently I went to Jillian Drew - a friend, a past student and teacher, where she opened a room for me; a room that consisted of trees, an arena, fresh air, three wise horses and a powerful, caring, nurturing, trustful energy that only comes from the very loving Jillian herself. I have worked with horses my whole life and yes, they have always been healers, teachers, friends and guides, but what I experienced on this day at Jillian's home with her very own healing space she has created was truly something I had no experienced before. Trust, openess, love and transformation is her goal and between her and her incredible healing team, this is exactly what takes place. Recommend, believe, desire and know that if emotional, physical or mental healing is what you are needing - even if you don't know what's wrong - then Jillian and her Equine Therapy will blow you away!" - Catherine


Just after this photo was taken, this conversation took place between Jill and Olivia...

Olivia: Sometimes I have trouble telling people my feelings.
Jill: But you can tell the animals?
Olivia: *nods*
Jill: Go ahead, you can tell Ollie.
Olivia: He already knows.

"After a major horse riding accident, Jill Drew has allowed me to work through concerns that arose both physically and emotionally for me in an environment that I always found caring, warm and safe. Jill's extensive horsemanship and knowledge harmonised so beautifully with her nurturing people skills to maximise the experience I had on so many levels.  Thank you Jill. - Anita