Showdown - or Rocky, as we affectionately call him - is a beautiful 16h Thoroughbred chestnut with a big heart on his forehead.

He is a beautiful, gentle boy who had a successful career as a race horse before going on to an even more successful show career, as well as pony club and dressage. He is now retired and a much-loved member of our family.

PB272174 2.jpg


Da'Artagnon, or Dart for short, is a 15.1h Australian Andalusian with a big personality and presence!

He just loves people and demands attention.

He is classically trained and is work in progress.


Roubourne Park Fantasy

Fantasy is a very pretty, 15h Australian Stock Horse. Part of our family for 19 years, she is an absolute delight and a darling to handle. She takes care of the smallest children to the oldest.

Her training consists of classical dressage, in-hand work, showing, dressage, trail riding, adult riding, mountain riding and is now, of course, a therapy horse.



The newest addition to the herd, he stands at about 8h, and is a rotund little fellow with a big appetite and a personality to match!

He's loving having other horses for company as he'd never had that in his life before coming to us. Whilst not a riding pony, Oliver loves attention and a cuddle or two.